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Art on Oak Spotlight - Dr. Nancy Tilson-Mallett

Art on Oak Spotlight - Dr. Nancy Tilson-Mallett

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Medical Resume

I started my career in pathology,  researching estrogen and progesterone receptors in breast cancer, and published several articles about this, leading to the development of aromatase inhibitors.

Board-certified in Internal Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Care, retired in 2019 to be a full-time Creative.

Former Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri Kansas City Medical School, Humanities Department. My license to practice in Missouri is now retirement status (previously licensed and practiced in six states). 

I am an experienced, practical physician, abiding by evidence-based medicine, who enjoyed bedside teaching, lecturing, and mentoring. I am idealistic and creative, good at championing projects.

Leadership: Chief of Medicine at several hospitals, Medical Director (or assistant director) of 2 hospices. 

In 2018, I developed a course for the humanities department on Art and Medicine and taught 4 month-long classes for credit. Currently, I am writing a book about the course, entitled “The Healing Arts: Look, See, Observe, Visualize."

Brief Summary of medical experience:

  • Rural health practice, Weeping Water, NE  with NHS

  • HMO practice with Pike's Peak HealthcareColorado Springs, CO

  • Group practice in Kansas City, Mo and Lee's Summit, Mo. Out-patient, in-patient, long-term, & hospice

  •  Indian Health Service at the Mescalero NM Indian Reservation

  • Locum Tenens, Long Term Acute Care, Boston, MA

  • Hospitalist at community hospitals and academic centers  (credentialed in 17 hospitals during my career)

  • I organized a group of physicians to help the people of Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.

  • Assistant Professor at Kansas University Medical Center (1999 - 2001): taught geriatrics, Medical Director of Manor Care (a long-term care facility), Director of outpatient services.

  • Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine (2013 - 2019): taught Hospital Medicine and palliative and end-of-life care.

The Art of Seeing Health in a New Way

Buckley, Van. "The Art of Seeing Health in a New Way." KU Med. Vol. 51, No. 1, 2001


KC Star Magazine, Oct 6th, 2002. 

Bill Tammeus, Flatland, July 2020,.

Dr. Nancy Tilson-Mallett is a rare combination — she’s both a physician and an artist. It’s hard to imagine a dual career that requires more left brain/right brain balance than that.

As a doctor, however, she’s aware that many people get trained as physicians without paying enough attention to the spiritual side of life. Thus, they are prone to think of patients simply as an interesting pile of body organs, not as beings with minds and spirits, too.

So for the last several years she’s been teaching a class at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine called “Medicine and Art.”

Silken Cells of Color: A Doctor makes a healing art out of scarves

A review of my life and artwork was featured in the FYI section  of the KC Star on Sept 16th, 2001.